1. Hawaiian Sunset Tea 20 Ct. Tin
    Hawaiian Sunset Tea is a pure, sweet taste with an elegant aroma. This tropical tea displays mountain oolong characteristics with hints of natural pineapple and blood orange. Perfect as a hot tea or try it as an iced tea! This product includes 20 tea bags in a tin container.   Place: High mountains in Taiwan's Jia Yi County Aroma: Mountain oolong tea with an elegant aroma Body: A light yellow liquor and medium mouthfeel Flavor: Sweet and citrusy tropical flavor Process: Hand...
  2. Dong Ding Tea 20 Ct. Tin
    This Oolong from Taiwan is grown in a unique climate and soil to create a special tea. It goes through a very deep oxidation process. The leaves are dried and rolled with a cloth to create ball shapes. Aroma: Sweet grassy aroma with hints of floral Body: Full Flavor: Orange, yellow liquor with a full-bodied and prominent roasted flavor