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Sumatra Dark Coffee, 24 2oz Portion Packs

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One flavorful step beyond our full-bodied Sumatra Mandheling lies…Sumatra Mandheling Dark. Heated slowly to ever increasing temperatures, Sumatra Mandheling Dark ascends the roasting spectrum to achieve an altered state where maltiness is transformed to caramel, and its rich aroma becomes even more intense.

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Size 24 2oz Portion Packs
Serving Type Portion Pack
Profile: Smooth body with a smoky aroma and sweet earthy flavor. 
Place: West-central Sumatra near the port of Padang-Sumatra, Indonesia. 
People: While most coffees are named after the country or growing region where they are farmed and harvested, Mandheling Coffee is named after the Mandheling People, who traditionally farmed and processed these coffee beans. 
Process: This coffee is semi-washed - a process in which the outer skin is removed in a fashion similar to the fully washed process. Once the skin is removed, however, the pulpy mucilage is left to dry on the bean. This process makes for a fruitier taste and stronger, heavier body. 
Pairing: Fresh cherries, pecans, chocolate, carrot cake.
Each 2 oz portion pack can brew 36-64 ounces of coffee, depending on the desired strength.
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