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For the coffee drinker with the finest of tastes

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  1. Holiday Blend Coffee
    A returning favorite! This seasonal coffee was first created by our Master Roaster nearly  twenty years ago. We've proudly featured this dark and distinctive Holiday Blend in our stores every holiday season since!
  2. Hario Cold Brew Coffee Brewer
    This sleek coffee brewer is engineered to extract maximum flavor for the perfect cold brew that is always rich and full-bodied and never bitter Reusable filter Easy to use pour spout Dishwasher safe Capacity: 33.8 oz Special Offer: Purchase with Cold Brew Coffee Blend and save $5. Discount is reflected in cart. No coupon code necessary. Sales price cannot be used in conjunction with any other offer, promotion or discount.
  3. French Roast Coffee
    The darkest roast on the planet. We begin with a quintessential Costa Rican coffee that can stand up to the heat and intensity of a French Roast. Caramelized sugars, a hint of chocolate and a deeply smoky flavor that attests to the heat of the roast characterize this intensely flavorful coffee.
  4. Sumatra Mandheling Coffee
    Discriminating coffee drinkers have long placed Sumatra Mandheling at the top of the list of the best coffees from Sumatra and perhaps the world. The syrupy, full body of Sumatra Mandheling, combined with its muted-acidity, makes an elegant, exotic cup of coffee.  The taste of roasted caramel, and hints of chocolate make it truly exotic.
  5. Costa Rica La Cascada Tarrazu Coffee
    Offered exclusively at The Coffee Bean & Tea Leaf Costa Rica La Cascada Tarrazu is balanced, clean, and mild. Prized for bright, crisp taste, Costa Rica La Cascada comes from the high altitude farms in the Tarrazu region where rich soils produce some of the best coffees in the land.
  6. Mocha Java Coffee
    Mocha Java is the world’s original coffee blend. Our interpretation combines sweet, fruity Ethiopian Yirgacheffe with the deep body and rich flavor of Java Estate coffees. The result has long been praised by coffee aficionados around the world.
  7. Crème Bruleè Coffee
    Skip the dessert and simply serve the Crème Brulée flavored coffee from The Coffee Bean & Tea Leaf®. Redolent of vanilla and rich cream, this coffee possesses a creamy aroma with caramel and buttery vanilla flavor.
  8. Cold Brew Coffee
    Ethiopian coffee and Bali Blue Moon coffee are blended together and expertly roasted to create our Cold Brew Coffee Blend. With its light floral aroma, smooth, crisp texture and a walnut and black cherry finish, this coffee pairs with our Cold Brew Coffee Brewer to create the perfect rich & smooth cold brew right at home.
  9. French Vanilla Coffee
    What do the French know about vanilla that we don’t? Our French Vanilla coffee hints at the French style of making custard with vanilla, cream, sugar, and egg yolks. The result is a smooth-bodied coffee with a sweet aroma and a buttery vanilla flavor.
  10. 100% Kona Coffee
    It takes lush rains, intense sun, volcanic soils and a lot of aloha to create the distinctive characteristics of Kona coffee. Grown at 2,000 feet above the Kona Coast, Kona coffees are prized world wide for their rich aromas, mild, delicate taste, and thick body. Because Kona coffees are so highly valued, each lot is graded and registered by the State of Hawaii to prevent adulteration. We guarantee that our Kona coffee is exactly that: 100% pure Kona. There's a little aloha in every cup.
  11. Hydro Flask Tumbler in Graphite
    Keep your coffees toasty warm and iced teas refreshingly cool for hours with the 22oz Hydro Flask in Graphite. With double wall insulation, stainless steel construction and innovative design, the Hydro Flask is a joy to hold as you enjoy your beverage from the first sip to the last.
  12. Colombia Organic Dark Coffee
    Creamy and smooth-bodied with a smoky aroma and well-balanced flavor. The coffee has enough character to stand up to the darker roast and retain its personality. While not as dark as a French Roast, the coffee develops some caramel and a bittersweet finish to complement the underlying origin character.
  13. Decaf Espresso Roast Coffee
    For coffee aficionados who love an espresso but can live without the caffeine, we offer our Decaffeinated Espresso Roast Blend. This strong and subtle Espresso combines the best of four select origin coffees, each individually roasted to perfection and combined after roasting. This coffee is subtle enough to be enjoyed as a straight shot, yet assertive enough for a latte. This signature blend is a delicious cornerstone of our business.
  14. Pumpkin Spice Coffee
    Returning Guest Favorite! Our limited-edition Pumpkin Spice coffee features pumpkin flavors with cinnamon spice and a hint of cream.
  15. Mexico Organic Coffee
    Light flora aroma, delicate body with a smooth crisp flavor
  16. Peru Organic Coffee
    Our taste of Peru includes hints of almond, a crisp apple finish and a floral aroma.
  17. 100% Jamaica Blue Mountain Coffee
    Jamaica Blue Mountain coffee from the Mavis Bank Estate has become recognized for its clean, mild, qualities and good body. The Mavis Bank Estate uses only spring water to sort the green beans, which are then allowed to age for three to four months at 3,000 feet. When the coffee beans develop a greenish blue color, we know it's ready to ship to our roaster.
  18. Vanilla Hazelnut Coffee
    ONLINE EXCLUSIVE! Full bodied blend with creamy vanilla nut flavor and a smooth buttery finish.
  19. Hazelnut Coffee
    Our Hazelnut Coffee is an earthy, full-bodied blend that lets the intense aroma shine through.
  20. Hydro Flask
    Make a difference while drinking your favorite coffees & teas from The Coffee Bean while you are at home or work. It also makes a perfect gift! Capacity: 32 oz.
 Keeps drinks cold for up to 24 hours and hot up to 6 hours Hand wash only / Do not Microwave Double wall, for hot or cold beverages. Made with BPA Free Materials.
  21. Hydro Flask True Pint
    Keep your coffees toasty warm and iced teas nice and cool for hours with the 16oz Hydro Flask True Pint. With double wall insulation, stainless steel construction and innovative design, the True Pint is a joy to hold as you enjoy your beverage from the first sip to the last.