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Winter Dream Tea

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Note: This product is out of stock.Winter Dream Tea® from The Coffee Bean & Tea Leaf combines sweet rooibos and delicate black teas and is highlighted with the festive flavor of cinamon and cloves. This is one of our most popular items during the holiday season. Winter Dream Tea is great served hot or iced. Add one of our exclusive powder flavors for an exceptional latte. 

Product Description

Place: Bogawantalawa Estate, Sri Lanka

Cinnamon & Spice


Sweet & Spicy

Enjoy with Cranberry Orange Muffin


Because various teas respond differently, it’s important to balance time and temperature. To brew tea, simply steep it in hot water. Steeping is the process of extracting the flavor and health promoting compounds used in making the tea.

For this product we recommend the following steep time and maximum temperature:

STEEP: 5 Minutes // 195℉ / 91℃

About Our Tea

You may wonder why we are so passionate about using only whole leaf tea in each tin of our retail teas. Well, we like to drink great tasting tea. Whole tea leaves retain their natural properties and result in the most flavorful, best tasting cup of tea possible. We also go to great things to source our tea, searching the world to offer Simply the Best™ cup of tea to our valued customers. Enjoy!

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